Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Too often we talk about what we are going to do while we
are, in actual fact, doing very little to make our dreams
come true. We talk and dream and set goals and plans. We
budget and visualize. We do everything except take action!

We all know that only ACTION changes things. One of my
favorite slogans is that “Nothing changes until something
changes.” I love the reminder that even a small step in
the right direction can have HUGE implications! And, I
love the reminder that only action will make our dreams
come true.

We are blessed to live in a time when we can have or do
just about anything we can imagine. You can go to law
school or medical school – yes! – You really could! You
can make a fortune, start a school, travel the world, raise
happy children, run for office, publish a book, start a
business or become a hermit and live in the woods. If you
can imagine it, you can DO it!

The only catch is that you have to actually make it happen.

I see at least three popular tools for avoiding the
necessity for action. They are good tools when used
properly, but too often we mis-use them to stay in our
comfort zones, change nothing, and wonder why our dreams
never come true.

First – We set too many goals. Now, I’m a huge fan of goal-
setting and I even wrote an ebook about the process. I use
goals in my business and personal life, and I encourage my
clients to set goals, so don’t mis-understand me here.

The problem is that we set goals instead of taking action.
We plan and talk and set dead-lines, when we should just get
to work and “go for it”. Losing 20 pounds may be a goal,
but losing weight isn’t a “goal”, it’s a PROCESS! It’s about
walking around the block, skipping desert or whatever is
right in your particular case. Never set goals when it’s
simpler and more appropriate to take direct action!

Second – We wait for the right time. Again, “there is a
season for everything under heaven” and timing can make a
huge difference. But we mis-use that truth when we refuse
to take reasonable action because we are waiting for a
“better time”, or for the stars and our checkbook to be
in alignment. It’s an excuse, folks! There will never
be a magical “right time” to start a business or start a
family or start a savings plan.

The time is NOW! Take action, do what you can, move in the
direction you want to go. Stop procrastinating and move it!

Third – We look for “leverage” so we can make big, dramatic
progress. Now, of course big leaps forward are wonderful!
They are fun and exciting and leverage can make everything
easier. No one doubts that! But that is no reason to
avoid doing what you can, where you can, right now.

In fact, too often the “big steps” are scary and then we
find even more reasons to avoid them.

In most things, I’m a huge fan of “baby steps” and have
written about taking the smallest, safest, LEAST dramatic
step you possibly can, so long as you take it TODAY. Take
small steps, just take them!

Find and use a goal-setting routine. Goals are vital to
your long-term success! Just don’t get so lost in the
process that you forget to look up, get up, and get into
action! The same is true of timing and taking huge, bold
steps when you can.

ACTION always speaks louder than words or plans or goals
because only ACTION gets things done. Take small steps,
but take them today. Call someone. Read something.
Open a savings account. Invest a dollar, take a walk,
talk with your kids. Whatever it is, just do it! Before
you go to bed this evening, take some real, measurable,
positive step (no matter how small) in the direction you
want to go. Then tomorrow, do it again.

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