Three days in a row!!! Is it a record?

I just arrived home from office, and actually there’s is a lot in my mind rite now. But i’m sure i won’t be able to write anything of that here…because it’s complicated.

Talking about complicated… it reminds me of an article by Dr. Philip Humbert, about Complex and Complicated. He said… our life as a human… is always complex and often complicated. And actually, it is ‘fitrah’ to live a complex life, but we must avoid a complicated life. In his own word, this is what he wrote;

“The distinction between ‘complex’ and ‘complicated’ is vital.
Most of us want a complex life, with a mix of work and play,
personal and professional activities. Complexity is part
of the richness of life. A complicated life, on the other
hand, is marked by stress and confusion. A complicated life
make us confused, ineffective and fearful.

Most of us enjoy ‘complexity’, but ‘complications’ are to
be avoided.”

I am not sure whether you guys…my fellow readers will agree with him or not. Give ur comment!!! 😉


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