I’m still here!!!

Mungkin tidak ramai yang faham… kenapa tajuk entry aku hari ini berbunyi begini…

Alhamdulillah… I hope it’s the right decision that I made.

And special for you ‘akak’…don’t worry… I still can go to your house at Seri Sentosa :P.

Well… for those who did not know anything yet… here is the chronology:

well…forget about the chronology… go straight to the point :D… I just got a very attractive offer of employment as an electrical engineer, the bad point is the company is based in Miri, meaning that if I accept the offer… ehe.. bye bye all… c u next ten years :D.

In fact… they already invited me to Miri, and I’ve been there last weekend, all the expenses are paid by the company. And until this morning… it’s 70% I will accept the offer… but now I’m still here…!!!


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