The Foundation and The Four Pillars Of Success

It’s 10.15 pM. I am in the office… waiting for the company driver to pick me up and drive me to Rawang for tonight’s swap. While waiting… checking my email. In his newsletter dated 28 Nov 2004, Philip Humbert writes :

My clients and people in the audiences where I speak often
want the “secret” of success. They want to know how to
build the life they truly want, the one they imagine and
long for, and I compare it to the ingredients of a recipe,
or the tools in a toolbox. The key ingredients are already
familiar to most of us.

For the next few weeks, we will all be distracted with
holidays and end-of-year projects, and that means
readership for newsletters will go down. I hope you’ll make
an exception for TIPS because for the next 5 weeks I want
to address “The Foundation and the Four Pillars Of
Success.” These articles may become the basis for my next
book, and I hope you’ll make a point to watch for and read
TIPS from now through December. Here we go:

In a word, the foundation for all extraordinary achievement
is this:
Top Achievers Have Extreme Self-Awareness.

1. Top Achievers are Unusually Selfish

They know themselves and their values. They know what they
want, where they are going and what they will DO with their
lives. They have taken time to “get over” themselves. They
tend to be humble because they are not confused or grasping
or complaining. They are not particularly worried about
pleasing others because they have learned to please

Sure, many people have become rich or powerful without this
extraordinary level of self-awareness (think of Elvis
Presley, Judy Garland, perhaps Bill Clinton or some
basketball players of recent notoriety), but the real
winners in life have figured out who they are and where
they are going in life. They are them SELVES. They are
unusually self-aware.

2. Top Achievers have Unusual Self-Acceptance

They know their strengths and weaknesses, they can laugh at
themselves and stand tall. They can stand alone when needed
and they can forgive any past mistakes or foolishness.
Because they are comfortable in their own skin, they have
the confidence to make clear decisions and walk boldly
forward. They accept those around them, as well. They know
that since no one is perfect, their parents, friends,
partners and neighbors have also made mistakes, and that is
“ok.” It’s part of life. They have an unusual ability to
accept life as it is and move forward.

3. Top Achievers have Unusual Self-Projection

Top achievers are willing to speak out and they expect to
make a difference. They volunteer, they try stuff, they
learn and they take risks. They are the “movers and
shakers”, the ones who put themselves in the game. They
“stir things up.” Sometimes they make trouble or ask hard
questions. They can be “politically incorrect” and may come
across as insensitive because they are willing to put
themselves INTO LIFE. (Fortunately, they are also among the
most sensitive, helpful and thoughtful people because they
are willing to reach out. They CARE!)

Because top achievers are unusually aware of themselves and
others, they are comfortable with their own power and can
use it to make a difference.

In the words of the ancient poet, the foundation for
achievement is to, “first know thyself and (then) to thine
own self be true.”

Do This:

*** Keep a journal. Notice your values and preferences,
ponder the things that happen in life and strive to
understand them.

*** Forgive your past mistakes or blunders. You’re human.
Welcome to the club!

*** Forgive others. The past is past and life is just
life. Let’s get on with it!

*** Be yourself and let others know who you are. Face it,
we’re all a bit “weird” and very individualistic. That’s
the beauty of it!

The foundation for great achievement is Extreme Self-
Awareness. Get to know yourself. Be exactly who you truly
are. Want whatever you want, and go for it! Ask for stuff.
Try stuff. If you make mistakes, learn from them, pick
yourself up and go again. Nothing magnificent was ever
built on a foundation of doubt or “maybe.” In 2005, make
yourself a promise to be “Self-ish” and go for it!

mudin001 : Abah aku selalu cakap.. “Awaluddin ma’rifatullah… Nak tahu agama, kenal Allah… nak kenal Allah… kenal diri sendiri…”


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