The Third Pillar: The Power of Positive Simplicity

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The Third Pillar: The Power of Positive Simplicity

For the past few weeks we’ve been looking at the systems
top performers use to virtually guarantee their success in
life. Success is NOT an accident or a matter of “luck.” It
is a skill that can be used over and over for life-long

This week, Donald Trump picked his next “apprentice” and
what struck me were the powerful skills, trends, patterns
and behaviors that the finalists had in common. These
people are ambitious and they had taken the time to learn
certain skills that helped them to achieve remarkable things.
The good news is – YOU CAN LEARN AND USE THEM, TOO!

Three weeks ago, we started with the Foundation of Positive
Self-Awareness. High achievers do not drift or wander or
“settle” in life. They ponder their values and clarify
their priorities. They know their strengths and use them to
their advantage. They know their weaknesses and minimize
their limitations. To an unusual degree, top performers
know who they are and where they are going in life!

On that Foundation, highly effective people use what I call
the Four Pillars of success. In the past two weeks we’ve
looked at Positive Passion and Positive Integrity. Today we
add the third pillar: The Power of Positive Simplicity.

The Power of Positive Simplicity is not about living a
Spartan life! Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and
Rudy Gulliani do not live in tents or sleep on the floor!
For them, the Power of Positive Simplicity has a totally
different meaning.

Positive Simplicity is the power of focus and
concentration, it’s about clear priorities and the ability
to say a resounding NO to the distractions and
complications of life.

High achievers thrive on complexity, but they avoid
complications at all costs, and that is a HUGE distinction!
The brain loves complexity. We are fascinated by puzzles
and challenges and mysteries in life. High achievers love
the challenge of solving problems, whether the challenge is
making money, raising teenagers, or finding spiritual peace.

They also know that a complicated life is the death of
success. They know their priorities, and refuse to become
distracted. They simplify their life and focus on one or
two priorities, ignoring the many “bright lights” of
temptation around them.

When high achievers become wealthy public figures we see
them in their limousines and elegant offices, but even as
beginners, they keep their lives orderly and focused.
Whether they have chauffeurs and maids, or drive an economy
sedan, they know the value of simplicity, focus, and clarity.
High achievers use the Power of Positive Simplicity to
create the life they truly want. So should you!


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