Siemens bergabung dengan Nokia?

Nokia and Siemens today announce that they intend to merge the Networks
Business Group of Nokia and the carrier-related operations of Siemens into
a new company, to be called Nokia Siemens Networks. The 50-50 joint venture
will create a global leader with strong positions in important growth
segments of fixed and mobile network infrastructure and services.

The combined company is positioned to lead the development and
implementation of revenue-generating and cost-saving products and services
via its scale and global reach. Nokia Siemens Networks will have one of the
world’s best research and development teams, with the ability to invest in
next generation fixed and mobile product platforms and services. The new
company will have a world-class fixed-mobile convergence capability, a
complementary global base of customers, a deep presence in both developed
and emerging markets, and one of the industry’s largest and most
experienced service organization.

Baca berita penuh disini: Nokia and Siemens to merge their communications service provider businesses.


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