Kenali Ahmadinejad

Presiden Iran ini, selain Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, adalah antara wira-wira baru dunia Islam. Dan beliau, Jumaat lepas telah menyertai blogosphere (50 millionth is not big enough, rite?) dengan blog beliau di

Petikan dari autobiography beliau:

I never forget Imam Khomeini’s speeches during those years which was
very persuasive and appealing. You would hear the strong faith to
Almighty God in his orations. He invited the people to pure Islam. His
message was invitation to the belief of monotheism- Unity and Oneness
of God- and also justice, elimination of oppression, injustice and
sedition in the world. He was courageous and had a valiant heart. He
spoke firmly and securely. His orations were simple and honest. The
people accepted his guidance sincerely. Due to these characteristics,
he was a beloved leader for every individuals-young or elderly. Of
course he was a disgrace for shah’s regime and his Americans masters.
Notably, even among his enemies, he was respected with a special honor.


While Imam Khomeini was in exile, I became more familiar with his
ideas, thoughts and philosophy through his companions and disciples in
different classes and meetings. The more I became familiar with his
thoughts and philosophy, the more affection I had for that divine
leader and his separation and absence was intolerable for me. Although
the enemies of the Iranian Muslims separated their leader from them,
but always he was in people’s hearts and was more close to them than


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