Ingat lagi bateri USBCell ini?

Ini review dari Engadget:

It’s not too often that you see a review of AA batteries here on Engadget. But then again, the USBCELL AA batteries aren’t just your garden-variety portable cells, either. Our compadres over at TrustedReviews have just taken a set of these fine USB-chargeable batteries for a spin, and have given them a pretty favorable review. After charging a set of ’em for use with a Fuji FinePix cam, TrustedReviews found that it took over 500 snapshots for the batteries to give up. By comparison, a set of Duracell Alkaline batteries only lasted for “a few pictures.” The review concludes: “For a combination of convenience and eco-friendliness then the USB Cells get the thumbs up. Once a wider range becomes available and if the price [$24 for a pair] can drop a little, then they’ll could well do for batteries what USB memory sticks did for floppy discs and virtually kill them off.” We can’t wait to try ’em ourselves.

Dah sampai ke benda ni kat Malaysia?


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