Pembaca: You are your biggest competitor

Pelawat ankit shrestha dalam respon kepada entri The First Pillar of Success: Positive Passion (dah hampir 2 tahun entri ini), menulis begini:

Different people have a different perspective regarding success.Some may believe earning a lot of money is success whereas for name and fame may be the success.Similarly for others satisfaction may be the real success.So they keep on working for achieving that particular success.While working they may face the failure,but only that person is bound to get successwho keeps on trying till the success falls in his feet.
As there is a proverb”try try until you die”one should never loose hope.Failure is a very unpleasent experience.It is something which is very hard to overcome and digest.But it is the main source of success.Once you fail you you know what were your mistake and you get a wonderful oppurtunity to correct it.You know the whole idea of getting things done in better way.Failure may occur due to various reason such lack of appropriate knowledge,unappropriate way of doing things,overconfident,nervous and many other reason.One of the reason of failure may be your “present success”.If you are at a top level above which there is no any level either you have to maintain the same level or fall below.So in that case you are your’s biggest competitor.You should be optimistic enough to hope for the best and have a positive attitude and never give up only then you will achieve the success out of your failure.

Apakah erti sebenar kejayaan bagi anda? Anda pernah gagal, dan bangun kembali? Mahu kongsi disini?


3 Respons

  1. I am convinced that building a great life is NOT an
    accident. It is not a matter of luck or coincidence or
    genetic gifts. Of course, those things play a role. If your
    dream is to be a world-class athlete, it probably helps to
    be strong and quick and agile!

    No one disputes that, but the mystery is how so many
    people with apparent “lucky genes” falter and fail in life,
    while others who were never voted “most likely to succeed”
    go on to great achievement. How does that happen?

    The answer, of course, is that there are specific,
    measurable skills to success in life. And they can be

    Last week I pointed out that the “foundation” for a great
    life is Unusual Self-Awareness. Highly effective people
    know who they are and build lives that reflect their
    interests, abilities, talents and values. The failures in
    life, no matter how much money or power they accumulate,
    are always trying to be “someone else.”
    suprisingly, the ‘genetics’ would help you to know who you are 😉

  2. err … takder fungsi ‘Preview’ ke ?

  3. preview? tadok lah kamal, mung nok buat macam mana sebenornya?

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